Remind 101 Notification Service

Springfield Baptist Church invites you, Our Church Family, to sign up for important messages, updates, and information via Remind 101.

Here's how it works:

  1. Enter the number 81010 in the "To" field for your messages
  2. Enter the ministry code you are a part of in the "Message" box.
  3. Hit the send button to add yourself to the registry!
  4. Reply to the confirmation message with your full name

Ministry Codes:

  • All Members-@sbcmem
  • Deacons-@deacons01
  • Elisha-@elisha
  • FD Favors Choir-@fdfavors
  • Inspirational Choir-@inschoir
  • Mass Choir-@masschoir1
  • Ministers-@ministers6

  • Prayer Warriors-@pwarrior2
  • Sanctuary Choir-@sancchoir
  • Senior Ushers-@srushers
  • Youth Choir-@ythchoir1
  • Favors Men-@favmen
  • Elders-@sbcelders
  • Dance-@dancmin